Is our hair studio organic?

I can say 75% holistic -25 % conventional intention.

Responding with honesty I personally do not believe a hair salon could be 100% organic; it is misleading.

On the salon service aspect if you read all the ingredients on products and analyze them you will be surprised.

reduce toxicity, research, train and look at the alternatives;I always choose the least invasive, damaging or toxic resource.

Generally clients choose service base on a need and result without know the long term side effects.

Beauty or Health? You choose!

Most of our products are manufactured by green, sustainable companies who follow strict environment-friendly manufacturing.

How green is our studio?

We truly live our mission: to embody, promote, and facilitate a healthier planet, green living and sustainable

fume extractor

fresh ocean air

ozone air purifier

Thankless water heater

Salon HVAC Carbon fume Filter