Posted on October 9, 2012 at 2:15 AM

Best Days for Beneficial Haircutting in 2012:

March 20-21 - Spring Equinox — are the best dates to cut for spring and the ultimate dates for shaving one's head.

June 20-21 — Summer Solstice — are the best dates to cut for summer.

September 23-24 — Fall Equinox — are the best dates to cut for fall.

December 19-20-21-22 — Winter Solstice — are the best dates to cut for winter.


Lengthen: Cut or trim your hair on the days provided for lengthening to shock and excite your hair growth patterns, causing your hair to grow two to three times faster and therefore lengthening your hair.

Thicken: The dates provided for thickening promote the activation of new growth cycles in ones bulb and hair follicles.

Strengthen: Cutting or trimming one's hair on the dates provided for strengthening enables the roots, follicles, and bulbs to increase and strengthen one's growth patterns, thus producing stronger and more resilient hair to help avoid premature fall out!

Root Work: These dates work directly with the roots to shock the entire growth cycle, effectively aiding your hair and scalp in all aspects of hair growth and scalp improvement.

Beautifying: These dates are used to improve the texture and sheen of one's hair. Beautifying also works to enhance and refine the waviness of one's hair.

Acupuncture: Blunt Snip Haircutting Shock Treatment - Every lunar hair cutting date provided on our Lunar Chart is equivalent to 8-16 acupuncture treatments. See the table below to see the equivalent acupuncture benefits for various dates on the lunar chart.

Shown are the optimal days in each month for performing the 5 elements shown at the top of each column. In addition, particular days each month are considered most beneficial and are indicated in red. The Equinoxes and Solstices are bordered.


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