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March 5, 2008


The radio show is from 6-7 on 1230 AM. You can have people listen and call in.
Also-- we are having a 'Kick Him To The Curb' meeting that Thursday, March 13. It is from 7-8 at Gizzi's. Bring friends

WHY WOMEN LOVE BAD BOYS is a fun, light-hearted book that explains why so many women are attracted to the type of man their mothers always warned them about. Whether he is a Commitment Phobic, a Narcissist, or a Misogynist, Ms. Howard explains why these women would rather be with a man who is like James Dean, than one who is like John Boy Walton.
This self-help guide shares real-life experiences and interviews from women who were involved with a BAD BOY. They want the answers to the questions:
* What does a man want in a woman?
* Where to find ‘Mr. Right’.
* Where to meet a nice guy
* How to break away from the
'Bad Boy Syndrome’.
Whether you are single or married, WHY WOMEN LOVE BAD BOYS is the ultimate handbook that will show you how to break away from the BAD BOY, and where to find ‘MR. RIGHT’.
About the Author
Victoria Howard's life has revolved around beauty pageants, entertainment and business ventures. Ms. Howard has been an international model and beauty pageant winner, holding titles of “Miss Pittsburgh”, “Miss Girl Watcher”, and “Mrs. West Virginia – U.S.A.”
Her business ventures include real estate development, co-owner of several automobile dealerships and the training and breeding of race horses; once owning the “Two Year Old Filly Of The Year”.
She has written several published articles and was a guest speaker at the Wholelife Seminar.
Ms. Howard resides in Boca Raton, Florida.

Kick Those Bad Boys to the Curb
Boca Raton resident starts club, writes book to empower women to kick bad boys to the curb.

By Nicol JenkinsStaff Writer
About 10 women sat side-by-side hanging on Victoria Howard’s every word.The women were from different backgrounds, social classes, and varying personalities. But all had one common bond: an addiction to bad boys.
Howard, a Boca Raton resident and author of Why Women Love Bad Boys, recently spoke about her book and empowered women to kick bad boys to the curb at one of her club meetings. Her club, Kick Him To The Curb, allows women of all ages to meet monthly and discuss different types of bad boys and red lights to look out for.
“After reading the book, many women were calling me up and asking me why they keep choosing the bad boys and many felt they were all alone. All these women were abused in one way or another and I wanted to reach out to them so I started the group,” said Howard, who has been named the new relationship guru and the new Dear Abby.
Club members, ranging from 20 to 70-year-old women who are single, divorced, married and widowed, meet monthly at various locations to trade bad boy tales and connect with others burned by love. About 10 women recently gathered at Christopher’s in Fort Lauderdale to hear excerpts from Howard’s book where she focused on the chapter on the commitment phobic.
Bad Boy Tales
During the discussion, local women shared stories of bad boys who could not commit or in some cases bad boys that they tamed.
“I’m happily married just he was a bad boy when I met him and now he’s a good boy,” said Ibana, who joined the club to understand her “fatal attraction to bad boys.” “I think it’s the chase and the adrenaline of wondering what he is doing.”
Laura, 26, on the other hand, divorced a bad boy and now dates a good boy. Laura bought the book and joined the group to connect with other women. “Being married to a bad boy was emotionally draining because you constantly have to have your eyes open. But for some reason the ones that make you suffer are the ones you’re after,” she said. Laura added that she can relate to the book, “It’s funny to read a book that’s half of your life’s experiences. I can relate to the cheater, the liar and all of them,” she said.
Susana of Boca Raton also recently separated from her bad boy husband of 32 years. She said her ex resembles the chapter on the liar. “To me, he was my hero because I’m very shy and he was superman. This is the problem with bad guys with good girls. I tried to be bad but I’m naturally too good.”
The chapter on the bad boy with the wandering eye was all too familiar for Arlene Hollis of Delray Beach. “He was always looking at someone else and he was very handsome so he always had someone looking back,” said Hollis, who was married to a bad boy for nine years. “I couldn’t take it anymore. I was never good enough or well dressed enough. He wanted perfection. He was an ego-maniac.”
From reading Howard’s novel and joining the club, Hollis said she found comfort in knowing she was not alone. “I learned that every woman not in a successful relationship takes it personally and feels like they are alone. But we’re not, there are millions out there. And I learned that there are many men out there that will take you for who you are.”
Also divorced to a bad boy, Margarita Lotz of Boca Raton learned a similar lesson. “We keep thinking that they will change but they won’t. The book and club helps me to know that I’m not the only one. There are a lot of us and we’ve got to help each other.”
Howard’s Quest Howard has heard these stories all too often. As a former beauty queen, Howard has also experienced the emotional rollercoaster of being married to two bad boys. Because of this, she hopes her book and club will empower other women to seek a better life without heartbreak.
“This is my purpose in life. I’ve been mentally abused and I walked away from it,” said Howard. “Life is too short.”
It took the local four years to complete the self-help book that focuses on 11 different types of bad boys including: the narcissist, misogynist, commitment phobic, cheater, emotional abuser, liar, wandering eyes, married man, sexual abuser, bad boys behind bars, and physical abuser. In fact, each chapter tells a true story from a woman who has dated this type of bad boy. Also, each chapter gives warning signs, tips to leave a bad boy and a quiz to know if you’re dating one. Howard said she did much research and interviewed hundreds of women and men.
After reading the book, many women asked Howard for advice. That’s when her club formed and has grown by leaps and bounds. She stresses that the club is not a man hater’s group. In fact, it’s the opposite, Howard says, the women love men but just need some guidance as to what to look for when dating. “When you first meet someone and feel a pattern of the same type of guy, stop, count to three and before you jump into anything get to know the guy,” she said, adding, “And know that you cannot change that bad boy unless he wants to change.”
Ultimately, Howard hopes the club will provide women with a support system to get over the bad boy and move on.
“We all lean on each other. We confide in each other and share experiences,” she said. “We don’t tell them that they are bad, old or stupid. We tell them how to get through it and we do.”
To join the club or for more information on the book, contact Victoria Howard at

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