FLORIDA COSMETOLOGIST continuos education test

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Chemical Name

Toxic Effects





In weak concentrations, acetic acid can be a mild skin and eye irritant.

Oxidizing materials (trace).



(dimethyl ketone)

Prolonged inhalation can cause headache, dryness, and throat irritation.

Nail glue remover, polish remover, nail sterilizer, and brush cleaner.

Some alkaline silicates can cause fibrotic changes (scarring) of lung tissue.



Alkylated Silicates affect skin as mild caustic agents, causing damage to the keratin layer. Chronic exposure to alkalinity can lead to a skin condition that resembles eczema.


Bleach powders.

Aminophenol is a mixture that has three isomers. Para-, Ortho- and Meta-aminophenol.



A.) Para-aminophenol has high to moderate oral toxicity. A skin and eye irritant. Allergic sensitivities can develop to the material

B.)Ortho-aminophenol is found to be moderately toxic when introduced to the system via ingestion. It is a skin and eye irritant.

C.)Meta-aminophenol is found to be moderately toxic when introduced to the system via ingestion. It is a skin and eye irritant.


Oxidation hair color.

Overexposure can cause conjunctivitis, swelling of eyelids, coughing, dyspnea and vomiting. Corneal burns can result from eye contact.



A powerful eye and respiratory tract irritant.

Alkaline wave lotions bleach oils, oxidation hair dyes, permanent wave solutions, and permanent hair color.

High toxicity via oral and inhalation routes.



A powerful eye irritant.

Hair spray (trace), waving lotions, thioglycolate waving lotions, and oxidation dyes.

It can be a fire hazard if it is reacted with organic materials or reducing agents such as acids. It is a strong oxidizing agent. The material must be stored carefully as it readily decomposes.



A moderate tissue irritant and allergen.

Bleaching agents, pre-lighteners.

This material can cause dermatitis and is a strong allergen.



High toxicity via oral and inhalation routes.

Permanent waving solution.

A skin and eye irritant.



Moderate toxicity via ingestion and inhalation.

Permanent waving solutions.

Butane is an asphyxiant. Breathing the gas may cause drowsiness.

Butane is a dangerous fire/explosion risk.



Moderate toxicity via inhalation.

Nail enamel dryer, aérosol propellants (MANP)

The material is a strong respiratory irritant.


BUTOXYETHANOL (ethylene glycol monobutyl ether)

Moderately toxic via ingestion, a mild to moderate skin and eye irritant.

Direct non-oxidation dyes.

In high concentrations the material can cause respiratory irritation and narcosis.



A skin and eye irritant, low toxicity via ingestion, inhalation. It is a mild allergen.


Nail lacquer.

Local exposure yields irritation.



High to moderate irritation, ingestion hazard.


Hair relaxer.

A skin and eye irritant.



Low oral toxicity, an irritant.


Hair relaxer.

EDTA is found in products as either tetrasodium or dessiatine salt. It reacts chemically to "bind" metals.



(ethylene diamine tetracetic acid)

Eye irritation. High oral toxicity.

Shampoo (trace), Penn neutralizer, and thioglycolate permanent

Experimentally, ethanolamine causes severe eye irritation. It is a caustic material, which causes moderate


Chemical Name Toxic Effects Occurrence Precautions


waves, products that remove coatings from hair.

burns. Inhalation tolerance is low.




Tissue damage. Oral toxicity.


Waving lotions, oxidation dyes.

Repeated exposure can cause conjunctivitis and corneal clouding. High concentrations can cause congestion of the liver and kidneys. It is a dangerous fire risk.



Causes irritation to mucous linings in eyes, respiratory tract and gums. It can act as a mild narcotic. It can also cause dermatitis.


Nail lacquer solvent.

It is oxidized by the liver to form carbon dioxide and water. It is generally not considered an occupational health hazard, however it is a safety hazard due to its flammability.



(S.D. Alcohol)

The term "S.D.A." or "S.D. Alcohol" means ?specifically denatured alcohol?. S.D.A. is ethyl alcohol, to which another substance, such as methyl isobutyl ketone, has been added, making it unfit for human consumption.


Hair spray, setting lotions, mousse, conditioner, nail sterilizer. Ethyl alcohol is familiar as the alcohol in beverages.

In low concentrations, the material can cause skin irritation. Products containing hydrogen peroxide must be capped and stored securely.



Concentrated solutions are highly toxic and strong irritants. Solutions of 35% can blister the skin. The material is a powerful oxidant, which readily reacts to release oxygen, and can therefore be a dangerous fire and explosion risk.

Oxidation hair dye developer, neutralizers for permanent waves, hair lighteners, peroxide based neutralizers, permanent wave activator solutions, oxidizers, and enzyme developers.

A dangerous fire risk when exposed to heat, flame or oxidizers.




A simple asphyxiant, this material is otherwise practically non-toxic.

Aerosol propellants.

The material can de-fat and dry the skin. The material is a physical hazard due to its high flammability.



Eyes, nose, and throat irritant. In high air concentrations it can induce mild narcosis and can cause corneal burns and eye damage.

Permanent dye, hair spray, nail enamel dryer, oil hair dressing, hair styling mousse, setting gels/lotions, bleach oils, semi-permanent and oxidation hair dyes, and peroxide-based neutralizers.

Liquefied petroleum gas is a mixture of propane, isobutane, isobutylene, and other short chain hydrocarbons. The material is a simple asphyxiant, and its chief health hazard is attributable to its high flammability.



Low toxicity generally, but can be a respiratory irritant when in mist form.

Mousse, oxidation hair colors, permanent hair colors, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) hairspray propellants.

A moderate fire risk when exposed to heat, flame, or oxidizers.



A strong skin irritant

Acrylic, nail-bonding


Vapors can cause lung irritation and pulmonary edema. Prolonged exposure can cause dermatitis, liver and brain damage. It is a suspected carcinogen. The body metabolizes methylene chloride to carbon monoxide. Heavy smokers and those with cardiovascular disease or


METHYLENE CHLORIDE (dichiloromethane)

Very dangerous to the eyes; vapors have narcotic properties, which include fatigue, headache, and dizziness.

Nail enamel dryer, oil hair dressing aerosols.

Serious fire hazard and risk



Moderately irritating to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes.

Hairdressings, hair sprays.

An experimental carcinogen and mutagen.



Toxic via inhalation and ingestion routes.

Peroxide-based neutralizers.

This material is a powerful skin irritant, which is implicated as a cause of aplastic anemia and is a suspected carcinogen.



When used in hair dye, it has been known to produce vertigo, anemia, gastritis, exfoliative dermatitis, and is suspect in at least one death.

Oxidation hair dyes, permanent hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes.

A skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant.



A skin, eye and respiratory tract irritant.

Oxidizers, neutralizers.

The material will liberate oxygen when exposed to heat or chemicals, and is therefore a moderate fire risk. It will decompose if not stored properly.



A moderate tissue irritant and allergen.

Bleach powders, lightener powders.

A skin and eye irritant.



A skin and eye irritant.

Oxidation hair dye base, semi-permanent hair dye base, hair relaxer, and thioglycolate, permanent wave lotion.

This material can cause serious eye and skin injury in susceptible individuals. If the material is in a carrier, which can be absorbed through the skin, local hyperemia (flushing), itching, dermatitis, edema, and possibly corrosion of the skin can occur. Local lymph gland swelling may also occur.



Primarily a skin irritant.

Oxidation hair dyes.

Prolonged exposure to crystalline silica dust can lead to fibrotic changes (scarring) of lung tissue, however the health hazard is minimal if exposure is controlled. Fumed silica is found in some products. Colloidal type silica does not pose the toxic risks of the crystalline type.



Silica in dust form can constitute an inhalation hazard.

Frosts, activator powders.

Concentrated solutions are strong irritants to skin and other tissues.



The material is an allergen.

Oxidation shampoos.

Prolonged exposure to dilute solutions can cause burns and ulceration of skin and other tissues and can cause severe eye damage.



Toxic by ingestion and may cause severe burns to the skin and scalp.

Hair relaxer, thioglycolate permanent waves, waving gel.

An oxidizer, which needs to be stored carefully, as the material decomposes in moist air.



A strong tissue irritant, toxic by ingestion.

Bleach powders, lightener powders.

Toxic by ingestion.



Toxic by ingestion.

Oxidizers (trace).

Hydrogen sulfide gas derived from this material. Irritant to skin and eyes.



Corrosive to mucous membranes.

Waving lotions, oxidation dyes.

The material can react violently with lithium and other metals.



A skin irritant, which is also an experimental neoplastic and tumorogenic agent.

Hair relaxers, dyes, nail powder.

Eye irritant, toxic when ingested.



Eye irritant.

Nail lacquer.

Vapors have narcotic action and can cause headache and nausea. The material is an experimental mutagen.



Chronic toluene overexposure can lead to changes in the blood-forming organs (bone marrow).

Nail lacquer solvent.





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